Clinton Hockey Club / Comets Rosters (1928 – 1972)

The Clinton Hockey Club, a professional hockey team, was begun by Edward Stanley in 1928. Mr. Stanley, a 1923 graduate of Clinton High School, graduated from Hamilton College in 1927. His first teams played home games on an outdoor rink in Clinton and on many occasions, at Hamilton’s Sage Rink.

The team’s name was changed to the Clinton Comets when the team opened Clinton’s second covered arena in 1949. The Comets joined the legendary Eastern Hockey League in 1955 and played in Clinton until 1973. At least 50 of the Clinton Comets from the  EHL years played in the National Hockey League as well.

Player Season Birthplace
Howard Chappell 1928-31 Clinton, NY
Clark Pringle 1928-30 Clinton, NY
Ed Ganey                                                                 1928-35 Clinton, NY
Jack McManus 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Tom Watkins 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Bob Williams 1928-46 Clinton, NY
Chuck Hovey 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Burt Prettyman 1928-40 Clinton, NY
Jack Casey 1928-30 Clinton, NY
Paul Hoff 1935-40 Clinton, NY
Brudy Brown 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Jack Pegnim 1935-40 Clinton, NY
Ralph Clark 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Dwight Strain 1928-33 Clinton, NY
Harold Bates 1928-30 Clinton, NY
Glyn Davies 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Hezzie Van Camp 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Vincent Jones 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Paul Schneider 1929-30 Clinton, NY
Mart Collmer 1930-33 Clinton, NY
Raymond ‘Pete’ Coe 1930-41 Clinton, NY
Bill Dawes 1930-37 Clinton, NY
Robert Suppe 1930-36 Clinton, NY
John Schilling 1946-50 Clinton, NY
Wilfred Goering 1928-51 Clinton, NY
Jim Sherman 1928-29 Clinton, NY
Vincent ‘Knobby’ Clark 1930-34 Clinton, NY
Lynn Cackett 1930-31 Clinton, NY
Robert Hayes 1939-47 Clinton, NY
Palmer Cutter 1930-31 Clinton, NY
Hap Hassard 1930-31 Clinton, NY
Ken Scagel 1931-37 Clinton, NY
Jim Benson 1940-41 Clinton, NY
Charles Maclean 1931-32 Clinton, NY
John Dixon 1931-32 Clinton, NY
Charley Ganey 1932-34 Clinton, NY
Jack Young 1940-41 Clinton, NY
Bill Pegnim 1933-39 Clinton, NY
Gordon Hayes 1945-47 Clinton, NY
Fred ‘Bud’ Griffin 1934-40 Clinton, NY
Bob Burns 1939-42 Clinton, NY
Frannie Jones 1934-47 Clinton, NY
Greg ‘Red’ Burns 1945-47 Clinton, NY
Stan Gilbert 1937-38 Clinton, NY
Bob Mather 1946-48 Clinton, NY
Bunny Riley 1938-39 Clinton, NY
Harold Crane 1938-39 Clinton, NY
Dana Babcock 1947-49 Manlius, NY
Jack Young 1940-41 Clinton, NY
Ed ‘Biff’ Bates 1928-47 Clinton, NY
John Falbo 1941-42 Clinton, NY
Bill DeStefano 1941-42 Clinton, NY
Stuie Brown 1947-49 Unknown
Hank Evans 1941-42 Clinton, NY
Jack Kennedy 1941-48 Clinton, NY
Nick Burns 1947-49 Clinton, NY
Bill Weimer 1941-47 Clinton, NY
Leslie Moran 1941-42 Clinton, NY
Dick Carmer 1945-46 Syracuse, NY
William Squires 1941-42 Clinton, NY
Howie Dawes 1935-49 Clinton, NY
Jack Morrow 1945-47 Clinton, NY
Bill Morrow 1945-46 Clinton, NY
Carl Knapp 1945-47 Clinton, NY
Bill Joy 1945-48 Clinton, NY
Bill Galante 1946-47 Clinton, NY
Howie Morehouse 1946-48 Clinton, NY
Bob Miller 1946-48 Clinton, NY
Chet Pietkowski 1946-47 Clinton, NY
Jim O’Brien 1946-47 Clinton, NY
Bob Blake 1946-47 Clinton, NY
Frank Blake 1946-47 Clinton, NY
Charlie Redmond 1947-49 Clinton, NY
Ray Patton 1948-49 Clinton, NY
Danny Gettino 1940-49 Syracuse, NY
Don Hogan 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Ed Bjorness 1950 Brooklyn, NY
Zinzi Mascette 1940-49 Syracuse, NY
Peppy Miguel 1940-49 Unknown
James Scala 1946-48 Clinton, NY
Art Scoones 1932-49 Clinton, NY
Nick Staropoli 1948-49 Unknown
Al Austin 1949-51 Memphis, TN
Greg Batt 1946-56 Buffalo, NY
Lew Burgwin 1948-51 Halifax, NS
Bernard Burns 1945-54 Clinton, NY
Dick Burns 1945-52 Clinton, NY
Jim Burns 1945-50 Clinton, NY
Edward ‘Bud’ Crutchley 1948-52 Unknown
Dick Dockrell 1948-50 Hartford, CT
Thomas Dockrell 1949-53 Stoneham, MA
Mark Galloway 1948-50 Syracuse, NY
Olav ‘Ole’ Kollevoll 1946-51 Kristiansand, Norway
Fred ‘Bus’ Kroll 1949-53 Rome, NY
Tom Lewis 1949-51 Syracuse, NY
Mike Nardello 1949-54 New York, NY
Lee Nickerson 1948-51 Canada
Art Simmons 1948-53 Syracuse, NY
Bootie Smith 1949-53 Rome, NY
Harmon Tarolli 1940-50 Solvay, NY
Benjamin Williams 1948-53 Utica, NY
John Bourada 1950-54 Gatineau Mills, PQ
Mark Reynolds 1950-51 Clinton, NY
Ed Nicholson 1951-52 Clinton, NY
Bill Crew 1950-52 Unknown
Bob DeVinney 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Bill Owens 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Bob Fitchard 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Bill Matoon 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Gordon Jamieson 1950-56 Winnipeg, MAN
Jerry Steiner 1949-50 Clinton, NY
Evrette ‘Hot Dog’ Jones 1949-53 Rome, NY
Jack Burns 1947-52 Clinton, NY
Guy Langlois 1951-53 St. Jean, PQ
Robert Lunny 1951-54 Westmount, PQ
Gig Rowland 1951-52 Rome, NY
Don Smith 1951-52 Regina, SASK
Bill Breen 1952-54 Guelph, ONT
Erwin Duncan 1952-53 Vernon, ONT
Edwin Duncan 1952-53 Vernon, ONT
Paul Bock 1952-54 Clinton, NY
Giuseppe ‘Tony’ Griffi 1952-53 Niagara Falls, ONT
Roger Fortin 1952-53 Clinton, NY
Marvin Thomson 1952-54 Prescott, ONT
Don Ellis 1952-53 Clinton, NY
Cliff Baldwin 1953-54 Canada
Hal Kewley 1953-54 Toronto, ONT
Tom Morrisey 1953-54 Clinton, NY
George Steele 1952-58 Ottawa, ONT
Sid Puddicombe 1953-54 Canada
Bruce Woodman 1952-54 Wolfe Island, ONT
Fran Carroll 1953-60 Hespeler, ONT
Jim Johnson 1953-56 Midland, ONT
Alfred Menchini 1953-58 Ottawa, ONT
Dan Morgan 1953-54 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Al Mockler 1953-54 Unknown
Edgar Blondin 1954-55 Ottawa, ONT
Ronnie Campaigne 1954-55 Unknown
Doug Coxon 1954-57 Ottawa, ONT
Angie Defelice 1954-62 Timmins, ONT
George Gennings 1954-55 Welland, ONT
Gordon Harley 1954-55 Niagara Falls, ONT
Frank Holliday 1954-55 Timmins, ONT
Doug Houston 1954-55 South Porcupine, ONT
Billy Lynn 1954-55 Ottawa, ONT
Bill ‘Beezy’ Ness 1954-55 Niagara Falls, ONT
Carlton Porteous 1954-55 Unknown
William Ross 1954-55 Unknown
Eddie Shamlock 1954-55 Camrose, ALTA
Bob Taylor 1954-55 Belleville, ONT
Jack Timmins 1954-57 Ottawa, ONT
Abraham Wiebe 1954-55 Altona, MAN
Archie Burton 1955-58 Sudbury, ONT
Nick Donaleshen 1955-56 Saskatoon, SASK
Charles Doran 1955-56 Canada
Gerry Frizzelle 1955-56 Peterborough, ONT
Ken Grabeldinger 1955-57 Saskatoon, SASK
Ken Graham 1955-57 Kemptville, ONT
Bernie Hill 1955-57 Toronto, ONT
Billy Toolie Kawulia 1955-56 Fort Branch, ONT
Don Kendall 1955-58 Canada
Ronnie Lee 1955-60 Fort Frances, ONT
Jimmy Moore 1955-56 Pilot Mound, MAN
Joe Nolan 1955-57 Sault Ste. Marie, ONT
Bob Palmer 1955-56 Oshawa, ONT
Willie Pawchuk 1955-61 Montreal, PQ
Gerry Stringle 1955-61 London, ONT
Andre Binette 1956-57 Montreal, PQ
Ron Boomer 1956-57 Galt, ONT
Steven Cresswell 1956-57 Clinton, NY
Jim Dineen 1956-57 Ottawa, ONT
Roger Dubuc 1956-57 Chambly, PQ
Billy Gooden 1956-57 Winnipeg, MAN
Jiggs Henry 1956-57 Canada
Leon Hubert 1956-58 Canada
Jack Huss 1956-57 Canada
Guy James 1956-58 Hearst, ONT
Bud Johns 1956-57 Margo, SASK
Pete Koval 1956-58 Welland, ONT
Steve Kuzma 1956-57 Saskatoon, SASK
Jim LeClair 1956-57 Canada
Neil McDonald 1956-58 Melfort, SASK
Bob McGregor 1956-57 Canada
Guy Periard 1956-57 Montreal, PQ
Dick Streeter 1956-57 Unknown
Lorne Watters 1956-57 Ottawa, ONT
John Yanchuk 1956-57 Foam Lake, SASK
Ed ‘Moe’ Bartoli 1957-58 Sudbury, ONT
Fern Bernaquez 1957-61 Trois-Rivieres, PQ
Lloyd Buchanan 1957-58 Montreal, PQ
Ed Calhoun 1957-61 Toronto, ONT
Norm Defelice 1957-65 Schumacher, ONT
George Edwards 1957-58 Brantford, ONT
Doug Falby 1957-58 Canada
Leonce Gaude 1957-58 Canada
George Gibson 1957-58 Canada
Jean-Paul Lambert 1957-58 Canada
Yvon Lavoie 1957-58 Alma, PQ
Remi Lesage 1957-58 Stalexis, PQ
Jim Mattson 1957-58 Minneapolis, MN
Garnet Schai 1957-58 Wilkie, SASK
Rudy Balon 1958-59 Wakaw, SASK
Leon Bouchard 1958-61 Baie-Saint-Paul, PQ
Gord ‘Spider’ Brown 1958-61 Toronto, ONT
Ed Giacomin 1958-60 Sudbury, ONT
Tim Hook 1958-67 Barrie, ONT
Mike Kardash 1958-60 Prince Albert, SASK
John Lehner 1958-59 Prince Albert, SASK
Doug MacPhee 1958-59 Hampton, NB
Billy Watson 1958-67 Ottawa, ONT
Dick Wray 1958-60 Rashee, Ireland
Serge Boudreault 1959-60 Shawinigan Falls, PQ
Tom Clark 1959-60 Sarnia, ONT
Jack Curran 1959-60 Unknown
Ernie Dupuis 1959-60 Owen Sound, ONT
Maurice Galand 1959-60 Canada
Bill Mahoney 1959-60 Canada
Art Rose 1959-64 Fort William, ONT
Ted Szydlowski 1959-65 Montreal, PQ
George Wood 1959-60 Winnipeg, MAN
Pete Babando 1960-67 Braeburn, PA
Chuck Blair 1960-61 Edinburgh, Scotland
Wayne ‘Weiner’ Brown 1960-61 Belleville, ONT
Nelson Bullock 1960-61 Sudbury, ONT
Lynn Davis 1960-61 Stratton, ONT
Pierre Gagne 1960-61 North Bay, ONT
Erwin Grosse 1960-61 Melville, SASK
Jack Kane 1960-72 Peterborough, ONT
Jean Lamirande 1960-61 Shawinigan Falls, PQ
Tom O’Connor 1960-61 Oshawa, ONT
Ron Quenville 1960-61 Cornwall, ONT
Alan Skip Teal 1960-63 Ridgeway, ONT
Gordon Turlik 1960-61 Michel, BC
Jacques Fauber 1961-63 Ottawa, ONT
Gilles Francoeur 1961-62 L’Abord a Plouffe, PQ
Jeannot Gilbert 1961-62 Grand-Baie, PQ
Reginald Mulholland 1961-62 Kingston, ONT
Len Speck 1961-71 Kirkland Lake, ONT
Benny Woit 1961-65 Fort William, ONT
Bob Attersley 1962-63 Oshawa, ONT
John Ayotte 1962-64 Winnipeg, MAN
George ‘Dusty’ Blair 1962-63 South Porcupine, ONT
Howie Dietrich 1962-68 Kitchener, ONT
George Gosselin 1962-63 North Bay, ONT
Wayne Rutledge 1962-63 Barrie, ONT
Bob Abbott 1963-64 Canada
Dom DiBerardino 1963-66 South Porcupine, ONT
Marv Edwards 1963-64 St. Catharines, ONT
Billy Glashan 1963-66 New Liskeard, ONT
Gary Harmer 1963-64 Saint John, NB
Larry Hart 1963-64 Canada
Hec Lalande 1963-65 North Bay, ONT
Dick Morin 1963-64 Canada
Lorne O’Donnell 1963-66 Kingston, ONT
Ray Reeson 1963-64 Oshawa, ONT
Dave Armstrong 1964-72 Collingwood, ONT
Jerry Fleury 1964-65 Ottawa, ONT
Jim Jago 1964-67 Weston, ONT
Orval Tessier 1964-65 Cornwall, ONT
Ian Anderson 1965-70 Kirkland Lake, ONT
Ed Babiuk 1965-68 Edmonton, ALTA
Bill Bannerman 1965-72 St. Mary’s, ONT
Don Davidson 1965-71 Ottawa, ONT
Stan Gilbertson 1965-66 Duluth, MN
Pat Kelly 1965-73 Sioux Lookout, ONT
Jim O’Brien 1965-66 St. Catharines, ONT
Borden Smith 1965-73 Rouyn-Noranda, PQ
Bill Heindl 1966-68 Sherbrooke, PQ
Rod Zaine 1966-68 Ottawa, ONT
Andre Aubry 1967-68 Val-d’Or, PQ
Jim Cotnam 1967-68 Pembroke, ONT
Pat Draper 1967-68 Toronto, ONT
Larry Mick 1967-68 Canada
Pete Prevost 1967-71 Cornwall, ONT
Pete Weimer 1967-68 Clinton, NY
Bill Armour 1968-69 Peterborough, ONT
Barry ‘Bucky’ Buchanan 1968-69 Olds, ALTA
Lyle Carter 1968-70 Truro, NS
John Chapman 1968-69 Stettler, ALTA
Jim Coombs 1968-69 Edmonton, ALTA
Anton Gale 1968-69 Jesenice, Slovenia
Don Herriman 1968-72 Sault Ste. Marie, ONT
Tom Mitchell 1968-72 Canada
Claude Piche 1968-69 Montreal, PQ
Jake Rathwell 1968-70 Temiscaming, PQ
Marc Rioux 1968-69 Canada
Joe Robertson 1968-70 Windsor, NS
Moe St. Jacques 1968-71 Maniwaki, PQ
Rick Trembecky 1968-69 Drumheller, ALTA
Bob Malcolm 1969-72 Toronto, ONT
Ted Tucker 1969-72 Thunder Bay, ONT
Bill Butson 1970-71 Canada
Dick Cloutier 1970-71 Sorel, PQ
Dennis Desrosiers 1970-72 Kirkland Lake, ONT
Hank Lehvonen 1970-71 Sarnia, ONT
Dennis Patterson 1970-71 Peterborough, ONT
Jim Pritchard 1970-73 Winnipeg, MAN
Steve Ross 1970-71 St. Paul, MN
Rich Scammell 1970-72 Fredericton, NB
Ray Butterworth 1971-73 Canada
Russ Friesen 1971-72 Palmerston, ONT
Cal Hammond 1971-72 Flin Flon, MAN
Owen Jelly 1971-72 Canada
Dave Lee 1971-72 Minnedosa, MAN
Mike Legge 1971-72 Winnipeg, MAN
Dale McBain 1971-73 Camrose, ALTA
Brian McBratney 1971-72 Toronto, ONT
Murray McNeil 1971-72 Prince Albert, SASK
Dave Mitchell 1971-73 Canada
Jerry Andreatta 1972-73 Hamilton, ONT
Frank Blum 1972-73 Sudbury, ONT
Marc Brunet 1972-73 Ottawa, ONT
Gerry DeMarco 1972-73 Sudbury, ONT
John Donnelly 1972-73 Montreal, PQ
Jim Douglas 1972-73 Canada
Bob Foster 1972-73 Brockville, ONT
Jack Gibson 1972-73 Picton, ONT
Bob Goody 1972-73 Chippawa, ONT
Bill Harding 1972-73 Unknown
John Hutton 1972-73 Montreal, PQ
Kas Lysionek 1972-73 Coburg, Germany
Brian Macklin 1972-73 Regina, SASK
Les McAninch 1972-73 Murreyville, BC
Dave McLaren 1972-73 Woodstock, ONT
Jeff McMullen 1972-73 Brockville, ONT
Glen Mikkelson 1972-73 Winnipeg, MAN
Bill O’Toole 1972-73 Canada
Bill Owchar 1972-73 Thunder Bay, ONT
Ron Riley 1972-73 Montreal, PQ
Craig Stamp 1972-73 Haliburton, ONT
Don Thompson 1972-73 Toronto, ONT
John Thompson 1972-73 Virden, MAN
Brian Thorne 1972-73 Toronto, ONT
Ken Turlik 1972-73 Lethbridge, ALTA
Pierre Viau 1972-73 Montreal, PQ
Warren ‘Butch’ Williams 1972-73 Duluth, MN
Dwight Winters 1972-73 Fort William, ONT

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